Meet Melissa Gallion

Melissa is a Patient Account Representative at True You Weight Loss and is known for being a kind spirit. She is the first point of contact for patients inquiring about procedures and ensures that they have someone to walk through the beginning steps to becoming the “True You.” Melissa completed her Deaf Studies degree at College of Southern Nevada and has a passion for getting to know people. Having been a child of an enlisted Master Sargent, has no real hometown, but considers Las Vegas, NV, her home.

Fun facts about Melissa:
  • She loves the heat whether it’s peppers or weather.
  • She loves to craft and upcycle whenever there is an opportunity.
  • She like to challenge her creativity with ornate baked goods.
  • She loves playing with her puppy, and is teaching her to speak with buttons.
  • She will always prefer a sunset to a sunrise.

Come Find Yourself at True You

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