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True You Weight Loss was founded by physicians specifically to serve people just like you. We don’t recommend internet-sensation diets or military-grade workouts. True You provides safe, effective, non-surgical, outpatient weight loss procedures that deliver surgical-level outcomes allowing you to fully experience life again. Several members of our team consistently contribute articles on nutrition and advancement in weight loss to help you shape the habits needed to live the life you want.
OMAD: What to Know About the One Meal A Day Diet

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know there are countless different kinds of diets that all have their own unique approach. Finding the “best” diet for you can be a challenging proposition since not all diets are backed by scientific research. One approach to weight loss that has become quite popular in recent […]

What to Know About Brown Fat and Weight Loss

Over the past few decades, much has changed about our understanding of metabolism, nutrition, and weight gain. Though these concepts have been presented in relatively simplistic terms in the past, recent research has shown that the reasons we gain and lose weight are more complicated than what we once thought. Fat content in foods, for […]

Beyond Bean Burgers: The Health Benefits of Black Beans

Packed into burritos and serving as the base for many a veggie burger, black beans are a staple of many diets across the globe. Helping with everything from weight loss to preventing heart disease and even giving you a little dose of dietary fiber along the way, these nutritious beans can do far more than […]

How to Have a Sustainable Weight Loss Journey

From Weight Watchers to low-carb diets to juice cleanses, the options for attempting to lose weight have never been more plentiful. Yet sadly, no matter how much time, money, and energy Americans spend on losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, the goal often remains elusive. In fact, based on data collected by the CDC, […]

Move it Along: Fiber For Weight Loss

When you are trying to lose weight, it can feel like you have to pay attention to everything you eat. For all the attention paid to dietary fat, cholesterol, and carbs, many people forget to keep an eye on their fiber intake.  If you are eating the standard American diet, chances are you are not […]

Can Eating Slower Help You Lose Weight?

Obesity in America has been on the rise for decades, and it is estimated that over 42% of adults in the United States can be classified as obese. More concerningly, the percentage of people who are classified as severely obese has doubled in the last 20 years. At the same time, more and more people […]

Highs and Lows: What to Eat on a High Protein Diet

If you are going to lose weight, there is a good chance you have run across advice telling you to eat a low-carb, high-protein diet. That might make sense in principle, but the devil is always in the details. Where many peoples’ diet plans fall apart is knowing exactly what needs to end up on […]

Simmer Down: Pros and Cons of Bone Broth

As long as there are people looking to lose weight, there will be new diet crazes that promise wonderful results with little to no effort. We should always be skeptical of any wonder drug or miracle weight loss food, and bone broth is no exception.  Drinking bone broth has become trendy, fashionable, and as of […]

Cutting the Meat: Plant-Based Diets

One trend in dining that has grown more than others over the last several years is the plant-based diet. While it may seem like a change of pace for many in rich, Western societies, eating a plant-based or plant-forward diet free of processed foods has actually been the norm for most people throughout history.  Dietary […]

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