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True You Weight Loss was founded by physicians specifically to serve people just like you. We don’t recommend internet-sensation diets or military-grade workouts. True You provides safe, effective, non-surgical, outpatient weight loss procedures that deliver surgical-level outcomes allowing you to fully experience life again. Several members of our team consistently contribute articles on nutrition and advancement in weight loss to help you shape the habits needed to live the life you want.
Why Swimsuit Season Doesn’t Have to be Your Primary Weight Loss Motivator

Swimsuits come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, but you may dread having to wear one. Excess weight and body image often play a major role. However, when summer arrives, no one wants to miss out on fun times at the beach, pool, or lake. You can use this as a source of motivation […]

Understanding Fluid Retention

When you think of the human body, you think of solid material like bones, skin, and muscle. Surprisingly, though, the body is composed mostly of water. In fact, when we’re infants, our bodies are around 75% water; by the time we become adults, that equalizes out to around 50-60% water. And because of this high […]

Fad Diets & Weight Loss Trends: Why They Just Don’t Work

As with fashion and interior design, trends in dieting come and go. These so-called fad diets are usually created by fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, or even doctors who believe they have discovered the latest and greatest method for quickly losing weight. Fad diets are often promoted by the media, and many make unrealistic claims about being […]

Getting to Know Dr. Christopher McGowan

True You Weight Loss was founded by Dr. Christopher McGowan, one of the nation’s few physicians who is triple-board-certified in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and obesity medicine. He is a world-renowned leader in endobariatrics, an emerging field of gastroenterology that aims to address the obesity epidemic without surgical intervention. He brings 20+ years of training, education, […]

The Relationship Between Insomnia and Weight Gain

Even though there has been some evidence of decline in recent years, sales in the weight loss industry are still estimated to be around $50 billion a year. Decades of specialty food products and exercise equipment promised that dieting and exercise alone would lead to weight loss. Research in recent years, however, has shown that […]

Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Loss

Over the last few decades, ongoing research has helped doctors more fully understand the complex relationship between obesity and a number of negative health outcomes. One of the ways the international medical community has tried to clarify this link is by establishing the criteria for diagnosing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by having several […]

Slow Down: The Effects of Hypothyroidism

If you are stuck to your couch like glue, there may not be a lot of mystery about a bit of weight gain. But what could be the cause if you are maintaining an active lifestyle and eating right, yet you still find yourself gaining weight? The cause of otherwise unexpected weight gain could be […]

Diabetes Mellitus: Causes and Treatments

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the prevalence of obesity in the United States has increased from 30.5% to 41.9% in the last 20 years. Moreover, the number of people classified as severely obese (BMI greater than 40) doubled during the same time period. Unfortunately this trend has also meant an […]

Unexplained Weight Gain … Explained

We all know what it feels like to realize the best plans we had for a new diet or exercise routine aren’t quite working out. What can be more surprising is discovering that, even though your nutrition and physical activity are dialed in, the number on the scale is going up instead of down.  With […]

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