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True You Weight Loss was founded by physicians specifically to serve people just like you. We don’t recommend internet-sensation diets or military-grade workouts. True You provides safe, effective, non-surgical, outpatient weight loss procedures that deliver surgical-level outcomes allowing you to fully experience life again. Several members of our team consistently contribute articles on nutrition and advancement in weight loss to help you shape the habits needed to live the life you want.
The Nutritional Benefits of Oat Milk

Cow’s milk is a familiar staple in many cultures around the world, but not everyone can actually digest it. In fact, about 65% of humans have some amount of lactose intolerance, a reduced ability to digest the lactose present in milk and other dairy products. In recent decades, a variety of lactose-free, plant-based milk alternatives […]

The Health Effects of Abdominal Obesity

As we approach the new year, after a month-long onslaught of holiday feasting, many of us start to think about dieting again. For most people, it feels mostly like a cosmetic concern; maybe you notice that you’ve gotten a little more plump around the midsection when you look in the mirror. The truth is, though, […]

Planning to Lose: Weight Loss Meal Planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is a saying that can certainly be applied to losing weight. It is one thing to hope and wish that the pounds will melt away on their own, but weight loss takes planning and intentionality.  Exercising and staying active is important, but what you eat, […]

Kept in the Dark: The Health Benefits of Chocolate

If your doctor were to put you on a diet to ward off high blood pressure, you may expect a life of broccoli and kale smoothies is heading your way. If that is the case, you may be relieved to learn that chocolate, and dark chocolate in particular, may still be on the list of […]

Flat Chance: Losing Belly Fat Quickly

Having a few extra pounds around the middle is something that happens to many of us as we age. Almost as sure as it is that you might gain a few extra pounds, you will probably want to drop them quickly to fit into a favorite pair of jeans or look a little better in […]

The Truth About Face Fat

Gaining weight is an unwelcome change for pretty much everyone, but it can look different from person to person. In men, excess fat typically builds up around the midsection, but for women it tends to be more in the hips and thighs. One area of the body that is especially distressing to many people is […]

That’s All Yolks: Whole Egg Nutrition

Of all the conflicting nutrition advice you can find, the swirl of confusion and conflicting advice over the years regarding eggs might take the cake. Since early research into the role of dietary  cholesterol in heart disease surfaced in the 1960s, some in the medical and nutrition worlds have demonized eggs due to their high […]

Shake it Off: Ultrasonic Cavitation for Fat Loss

Anyone who has tried to get rid of stubborn fat deposits has probably wished there was a way to just melt the pounds away. It turns out that fat dissolving injections can sort of melt fat away, and you can freeze it off with procedures like CoolSculpting. If you don’t want to resort to liposuction, […]

Dieting and Insulin Resistance

According to the American Diabetes Association, over 10% of the population of the United States has some form of diabetes. Out of that nearly 35 million people, it is estimated that around seven million have diabetes but aren’t diagnosed. Many of these cases (if not most) of diabetes can be traced to having an inactive […]

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