There’s nothing like investing in your health. I’m an entirely new person!
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A 15-Minute Procedure Leads to Weight Loss of 80 lbs with ORBERA®

Jaime lives with his family in a small Chicago suburb, where he works as a Sheriff. Although he was living a life in law enforcement, Jaime knew he could be in better shape. He was weighing in at 270 lbs, and a trip to the doctor revealed that his health was starting to decline. He needed to change his life and improve his health, before it got any worse. Jaime had tried fad diets before, but they had failed to present him with a long-term solution.

That’s when he found ORBERA®, the #1 weight loss balloon. Jaime heard about the non-surgical ORBERA® and was immediately intrigued. It didn’t require a risky, invasive surgery, like many of the other weight loss surgeries did. In fact, the procedure only took about 15 minutes and the cost of the weight loss program was affordable for him. Before he knew it, the procedure was booked and he was about to begin his ORBERA® weight loss journey.

“Without ORBERA®, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t feel great and I definitely wouldn’t receive all the wonderful compliments that I do.”

He didn’t waste any time adapting to new eating patterns and incorporating fitness into his regular schedule. It didn’t take long for exercise to become a part of his everyday life and his health to show signs of improvement. Slowly, Jaime was experiencing less back and joint discomfort, and even his acid reflux was disappearing.

Jaime lost 80 lbs, and thanks ORBERA® for helping make it happen. He feels so much more energetic and confident in himself. Now, he can set a healthy example for his family!

Success story courtesy of ORBERA®.

*All testimonials reflect individual customer experiences, and your results may vary. 

There’s nothing like investing in your health. I’m an entirely new person!

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