Meet Chase Wooley

Chase earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As an undergraduate, he fell in love with clinical research while studying prenatal substance abuse and how it relates to baby brain development. He has served as a physical activity coach and health educator while assisting in studies aimed at improving care and outcomes for individuals with osteoarthritis.

He has also worked as an EMT, assisted with COVID-19 outreach, and volunteered in projects to raise awareness about health disparities for underserved and low-income populations. Chase is excited to continue pursuing research that is truly impactful and will improve the well-being of patients.

Fun facts about Chase:

  • Has been skydiving and is a thrill-seeker!
  • Loves to travel and often visits family in Thailand.
  • Enjoys weightlifting and playing sports in his free time.
  • Would also enjoy a career as a chef, movie director, or coffee shop owner.

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