Bariatric Revisions 


Bariatric surgery can be highly effective for weight loss, but the fact is, patients can eventually regain the weight. In fact, more than 1 in 5 bariatric surgery patients will eventually regain all of their weight. Until now, the only option to help get the weight off again was a surgical revision, which is very risky and not an option most patients, or surgeons, would pursue. Now, with the advanced technology available through endobariatrics, patients have the option of a safe, effective, same-day revision of their bariatric surgery. All performed endoscopically, and without any incisions.

About Sleeve Revisions

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most common bariatric surgery, where a surgeon staples the stomach to create a narrow, tube-like shape. Unfortunately, after several years patients may find they can eat larger portions, leading to weight gain.

With an endoscopic sleeve revision, we are able to tighten the stretched sleeve from the inside using a series of safely placed sutures. The result is a shorter and tighter sleeve, which provides a restored sense of fullness, and an opportunity to lose any weight that has been regained. Because the procedure is performed entirely without incisions, the downtime—and risk—is minimal. 
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About Gastric Bypass Revisions

Weight re-gain after gastric bypass is common after gastric bypass, and owes to many factors including stretching of the surgically created pouch. The connection between the pouch and small intestine—known as the “outlet”—may also stretch out over time. The result is decreased restriction, and the ability to eat much larger portions.

With an endoscopic gastric bypass revision (also referred to as Transoral Outlet Reduction), we are able to restore the outlet and pouch to their original size, or even smaller, resulting in long-term weight loss. This safe, same-day, incisionless procedure provides a new opportunity to lose weight and to get back on track.
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