Meet Jennifer Blanco, RN

Jennifer is a registered nurse for True You Weight Loss. She has been a registered nurse for three years with experience in the neonatal intensive care unit, intraoperative, and gastroenterology. Her warm smile and caring personality makes patients feel at ease during their experience at True You Weight Loss.

Jennifer was inspired to become a nurse through her mother’s story. Jennifer’s mother was in nursing school in Mexico City but was unable to complete nursing school due to lack of funds. Through her mother’s story, Jennifer found inspiration and decided to make her mother’s unfulfilled dream come true.

Jennifer was born and raised in North Carolina, is a proud mommy to a six-month-old baby boy, and is also a Raleigh firefighter spouse. She enjoys working out, meal prepping, and traveling.

Fun facts about Jennifer:

  • She is bilingual in both English and Spanish.
  • She ran track in middle school and high school.
  • She did cosmetology school for two years but quickly realized her passion was nursing.

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