Meet Lori Gooch*

Lori Gooch earned a bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition at the University of Alabama and completed the dietetics internship at Meredith College. Lori has competed in bodybuilding competitions and currently trains in Olympic lifting. She has over 10 years of experience with athletic diet and weight management, and remains constantly informed on current nutritional science.

Lori was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, but currently lives in Sanford, North Carolina, with her husband of 17 years and their three children. As a military wife, Lori understands that changes come in life and things don't always go as we plan. She loves helping others to reach their goals and potential, and will go above and beyond to find what method works best for each individual.

Lori enjoys weightlifting, traveling, watching movies, outdoor activities, camping, and spending time with family. Her ideal day would include laying out on the beach, swimming in the ocean, paddle-boarding, and building sandcastles. She is active in the community and in educating her children. She has a dog (Blitz) and a cat (Oliver). Her favorite type of food is Mexican food.

Lori provides general health coaching and weight control services under the supervision of Dr. Christopher McGowan, MD.

*The Health Coaches at True You Weight Loss are registered dietitians. Under the direct supervision of licensed dietitians/nutritionists, True You’s Health Coaches support patients through diet progressions that are developed by licensed dietitians/nutritionists. 

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