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May 10, 2022

True You Weight Loss is thrilled to announce the opening of its second endobariatric weight loss center, expanding beyond its Cary, North Carolina location, to Atlanta, Georgia. True You Weight Loss represents Georgia’s first and only physician-founded medical practice exclusively focused on providing non-surgical, state-of-the-art weight loss procedures and support. The opening comes at an important time, since 42 percent of American adults are now considered obese, and studies show most adults gained even more weight during the pandemic.

Until recently, weight loss options included either diet and exercise or surgery, leaving nothing in between—a void that doctors refer to as the “obesity treatment gap.” Now, the emerging field of endobariatrics is closing that gap, providing new options for patients who want to get their weight under control but aren’t interested in or eligible for bariatric surgery.

True You Weight Loss has helped thousands of patients lose weight without surgery by offering a comprehensive range of endobariatric procedures and support services, including endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), intragastric balloon placement, and medical nutrition therapy. The first location opened in Cary, North Carolina, in 2020, and the immense demand for the non-surgical weight loss procedures offered exclusively at True You Weight Loss has led to significant growth—leading to the addition of two new physicians and the second location this spring to serve more patients throughout the southeast.

Joining the new practice is Dr. Daniel Maselli, currently an instructor of medicine and an advanced endoscopy fellow, with deep research experience in endoscopic weight loss techniques and therapies. Over the past year, the True You Weight Loss team has expanded from a staff of three to a staff of 33, including three nurse practitioners and five full-time nutritionists to provide patients with long-term, comprehensive care.

“Dr. Maselli is simply the best of the best—a highly qualified, skilled physician, but beyond that, a fit our unique culture at True You Weight Loss by connecting with patients through his passion for the emerging field of endobariatric weight loss,” said Dr. McGowan. “He is transparent, honest, and relatable and will transform the lives of so many patients who are struggling with overweight and/or obesity.” 

True You Weight Loss patient and Georgia resident Rosie Axtman traveled to North Carolina this past January for her ESG procedure, after struggling for years with excess weight and constant knee pain. After consulting with two orthopedic surgeons, she was told the best way to fix her knees was to lose 50 pounds. “I realized I needed more than diet and exercise to make progress—I was like a good car that had lost its battery and I just needed a jumpstart,” she explained. “ESG was the jumpstart I needed. I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds since my ESG and have more energy than ever,” said Axtman.

Dr. McGowan is one of the first physicians in the nation to perform the ESG, which he has performed for more than 1,000 patients—making him the only physician in the country to reach this milestone. The outpatient procedure takes less than an hour, and patients can expect to return to work within 2-3 days. Results from a recent randomized study revealed ESG resulted in 49 percent of excess weight loss, versus less than five percent for lifestyle change.

“We have an obesity epidemic in this country, but there has never been a more exciting time in the field of obesity medicine,” explains Dr. McGowan. “Thanks to recent advances, we’re now able to provide patients with life-changing procedures, without the risks and side effects of surgery. It’s so rewarding to see the transformations that our patients undergo, and I can’t wait to help even more people with our newest location.”

The new True You Weight Loss office is located at 5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Road in a modern medical office building known as Doctor’s Office Four at St. Joseph’s. Featuring more than 5,000 square-feet, the office is fully equipped with consultation rooms and a state-of-the-art procedural suite.

More details on the staff, services, and travel accommodations are available by viewing our Atlanta location.

True You
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