This entire process has allowed me to get to know and love the True me.
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Natitia's Second Chance Thanks to the Sleeve Revision

Like so many people, Natitia struggled with her weight for much of her life. As a child, her nickname was “Fatso,” which was used as a “term of endearment,” but it ultimately became how she viewed herself. For years, Natitia put herself and her health second to others, and was “losing this obesity fight every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year by pretending to be okay.”

In March 2015, Natitia decided she needed a drastic change. After two years of preparation and anticipation, she underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. At that point in her life, Natitia was at her heaviest weight (262 lbs.), and she knew it was time to regain control of her life and stop letting her “I’ll do it next week” procrastination interfere with her health.

After surgery, Natitia lost 41 lbs. in three months, then stalled. Unfortunately, she then fell into the same negative thought processes that prevented her from losing weight before. She didn’t make time to exercise, to eat right, or to focus on her goals. She was a caregiver for others, and neglected herself. “I simply put myself on the back burner. I was backed up into a corner and I wasn’t motivated to seek out support.”

Natitia felt she didn’t have anyone to keep her accountable after her original surgery, and she didn’t properly use her surgical tool. Five years after surgery, she weighed nearly the same, at 248 lbs. For Natitia, surgery wasn’t the easy fix or permanent solution she was hoping it would be.

natitia before 1
Natitia Before Sleeve Revision

Why Endoscopic Revision?

Five years after her original surgery, Natitia decided she was ready to focus on herself, and she was looking for a second chance with her surgical sleeve. Almost coincidentally, while looking online, she stumbled upon the endoscopic sleeve revision procedure and True You Weight Loss. After reading the glowing testimonials and reviews of Dr. McGowan and True You, Natitia was excited about this option. Her decision to reach out to True You Weight Loss was solidified after viewing a demonstration of the procedure by Dr. McGowan on YouTube. “The excellent display of skills, the surgical technique, the patience, and professionalism were the final factors that influenced me to email their team.”

At this point in Natitia’s life, she was ready to give herself a second chance and to completely focus on getting healthy. She felt her team at True You understand her difficult work/life balance and her genuine desire to reclaim a healthy lifestyle. Previously, she “lost herself in caring and supporting others” and didn’t have the energy to care for herself. This time would be different. “The revision procedure would return my former weight loss tool to its original form, giving me a second chance to be successful in this fight for my health.” Natitia felt that the endoscopic revision would be her best option, as it was less invasive than a gastric bypass or other surgical options.

Experience with True You Weight Loss

Natitia’s experience from the time of her first contact with True You Weight Loss was “truly priceless.” Her initial consultation with Dr. McGowan put her at ease. “Dr. McGowan’s bedside manner spoke volumes, just from his tone and active listening skills while I discussed my journey to reclaim my health.” And she describes the True You program coordinator as “a gem.” “The team was beyond exceptional. I work third shift and I would often send messages at the oddest times: 11pm, 1am, 4am. They would get back to me early in the morning and late into the night!”

On May 8, 2020, more than five years after her original sleeve gastrectomy, Natitia came to WakeMed Cary Hospital and met Dr. McGowan and her procedure team. The procedure went smoothly, and the recovery was “great, as expected.” She had gas pressure, and a bit of “gnawing” stomach pain, but these symptoms were very brief and she felt safe knowing that Dr. McGowan was there to support her and address any questions after the procedure. Overall, “the procedure and service were truly exceptional. Dr. McGowan and his team are genuine.”

Lasting Changes

Six months after her endoscopic revision, and more than 60 lbs. lighter, Natitia has a new outlook on life. “This procedure has changed the way I view food and I’m now living a healthy lifestyle. Before, I used food for comfort, support, and to cope with stress.”

The procedure taught Natitia that eating right, getting rest, and exercising are the best ways to handle stress. And taking care of herself was not “selfish.” Previously, Natitia felt that “taking care of myself was the last thing I should do. This was one of the negative thoughts I repeated constantly.” Not anymore. Natitia is now exercising on a daily basis. “The revision procedure taught me that exercise is not hard to fit into my life. I run now like I did when I was in the service for four years. The procedure changed my mindset and let me know that I’m still that tough girl that loved to exercise.” “This entire process has allowed me to get to know and love the True me.” In 2020, Natitia chose to be healthy, happy, and to “win this time.”

This entire process has allowed me to get to know and love the True me.
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