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How Healthy is Plant-Based Meat?

Plant-based meat alternatives have been around for a very long time; indeed, tofu, a food product made from soybeans, was invented in China nearly 2000 years ago. Since then, there have been many food innovations that rely on plant proteins instead of real meat. In recent years, a new wave of plant-based meat alternatives have […]

Clean up Your Act: The Eat Clean Diet

Diets, like many things in life, work best when simple, time-honored practices are applied well. In a world full of fad diets, the Eat-Clean diet could almost be seen as the anti-diet. Rather than restrict the kinds of foods or times of day when you can eat, the philosophy of clean eating recommends consuming a […]

Sugar Intake and Your Health

One of the reasons dieting can be such a challenge is that nutrition science is a relatively new discipline. Since the 1950s, the scientific conception of how the body metabolizes certain types of foods and nutrients has gone through many shifts. An early emphasis on the dangers of vitamin deficiency, for instance, has receded in […]

Some Basic Advice: The Alkaline Diet

Promises of better health from what you eat will always get attention. Claims that easy changes in diet can be powerful against diseases as scary as cancer certainly fit the bill. Proponents of the alkaline diet, also known as the acid alkaline diet or alkaline ash diet, claim just this: that changing your body’s pH […]

Not All Fat is Created Equal

When a person decides that it’s time to lose weight, it’s usually because they’ve noticed their clothes fitting tighter or their face looking fuller in the mirror. Carrying extra body fat is often thought of as a cosmetic issue given how image-conscious American culture can be. Yet as understandable and fundamentally human as that is, […]

Culture Clash: Picking the Best Yogurt

Whether it is starting your day with a giant fresh fruit and granola parfait, or grabbing a cup of fruit-flavored yogurt to go in the middle of a busy day, yogurt has a reputation as a healthy snack for the weight-conscious individual. While regular yogurt can be nutritious and packed with probiotics, its naturally sour […]

Fruit Fats: The Benefits of Avocados

When you think of healthy foods that can help you lose weight, you probably don’t picture a big bowl of guacamole. The fat content of guac might scare some people away, but increasingly dietitians are recognizing the positive effects of eating the right amount of the right type of fat. Though often mistaken for a […]

OMAD: What to Know About the One Meal A Day Diet

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know there are countless different kinds of diets that all have their own unique approach. Finding the “best” diet for you can be a challenging proposition since not all diets are backed by scientific research. One approach to weight loss that has become quite popular in recent […]

Beyond Bean Burgers: The Health Benefits of Black Beans

Packed into burritos and serving as the base for many a veggie burger, black beans are a staple of many diets across the globe. Helping with everything from weight loss to preventing heart disease and even giving you a little dose of dietary fiber along the way, these nutritious beans can do far more than […]

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