Class III Obesity & ESG: Weight, Health Benefits

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ESG is considered optimal for patients with a BMI of 30-40, with weight loss outcomes comparable to laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy but with lower morbidity and length of stay. At True You, we believe additional obesity treatment options are needed for patients with a BMI of 40+. This includes ESG as a potential treatment option for patients with a BMI over 40 who are not interested in or eligible for bariatric surgery, but still desire clinically significant weight loss. However, published outcomes of ESG in patients with a BMI of 40+ are limited, and the impact on metabolic comorbidities has not been reported in this population.

As a result, the aim of this project was to determine if ESG is a safe and effective option for patients with a BMI of 40+ who are not interested in, or eligible for, traditional bariatric therapy through a retrospective, international, multicenter chart review. This retrospective study evaluated the data of over 400 patients who underwent ESG by one of two experienced bariatric endoscopists (Dr. Christopher McGowan of True You Weight Loss and Dr. Anna Hoff of Angioskope in Sao Paulo, Brazil)  between May of 2018 and March of 2022 with class III obesity (BMI 40+). All patients were enrolled in a comprehensive lifestyle program with long-term nutritional support and monitoring. Collected data points included patient weights at each visit in addition to metabolic comorbidities including hypertension (HTN), hyperlipidemia (HLD), and diabetes mellitus (DM). 

Study status: study complete; findings published

Study findings: For patients with class III obesity, ESG provides clinically meaningful, long-term weight loss, with maintenance of 21% TBWL at 3 years and improvement in metabolic comorbidities in a majority of patients. As a result, at True You, we believe ESG should be considered an acceptable option for patients with a BMI of 40 or higher who are not interested in or eligible for traditional bariatric surgery.

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