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What is a Gastric Sleeve revision?

Gastric sleeve revision, also known as revisión endoscópica de la manga, is a non-surgical procedure that tightens a sleeve gastrectomy. It is a 30-45-minute outpatient procedure that carries an extremely low risk of complications and a very high success rate. Following an endoscopic gastric sleeve revision, our patients generally start feeling full with smaller portions of food again and begin to shed excess weight almost immediately after the procedure.

Gastric sleeve revision is performed using an endoscope (a camera attached to a flexible tube) which is inserted into the stomach through the mouth. The procedure requires no incisions or cuts, no hospital stay, and leaves no post-procedural scars — and patients are back to life and work after just a few days. Most side effects are minor (nausea, abdominal discomfort), and the risk of major complications such as infection, bleeding, or stomach injury, is less than 1%. 

If you are struggling with weight regain after a weight loss surgery and want to explore your options to lose weight again, you can schedule a free consultation with our experts.

Who Is Gastric Sleeve Revision For?

Gastric sleeve revision is most suitable for patients who have had a sleeve gastrectomy surgery more than two years prior, lost weight initially, but have since regained some or all of that weight. These patients tend to eat larger portion sizes due to the distended sleeve and may find it difficult to follow their prescribed diet. This procedure may also be beneficial for patients who lost weight, but plateaued and would like to lose more.

Endoscopic gastric sleeve revision is only meant for patients who have undergone a previous laparoscopic or open-sleeve gastrectomy. If the weight gain is due to any other reason other than a distended gastric sleeve, gastric sleeve revision is not useful. If you have any complications from surgery such as ulcers, or you are an active smoker, you might not be a good candidate for the procedure.

Gastric sleeve revision has been authorized by the FDA to treat eligible patients aged 21 and above. If you fulfill the gastric sleeve revision requirements, you may want to consider gastric sleeve revision for weight loss. 

How Is a Gastric Sleeve Revision Performed?

Gastric sleeve revision is a minimally invasive surgery performed under anesthesia. It involves tightening the distended gastric sleeve using sutures. Before the procedure, our treatment team will assess your overall health. Your doctor may also perform an upper endoscopy or a barium test to assess the dilation of the gastric sleeve. During the procedure, your doctor will insert an endoscope (a thin, flexible tube with a light source and a tiny camera at its end) into the stomach through the mouth. 

This endoscope is equipped with a suturing system that allows your doctor to place small sutures to tighten the stretched sleeve. The entire procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes, and results in a shorter and tighter sleeve. 

Endoscopic sleeve revision is closely related to endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty — an advanced non-surgical procedure for patients who want the benefits of weight loss surgery without surgery. Because there are no incisions, most patients will return to work and routine activities within two to three days.

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose?

After gastric sleeve revision, you can expect to lose around 15-20% of your body weight. Though the weight loss won’t be as drastic as the original sleeve gastrectomy surgery, gastric sleeve revision does help you to achieve your healthy weight goals and enables you to feel full with smaller portions of food. The weight loss caused by the sleeve revision surgery is typically sustained for many years.

Another very important factor that determines how much weight you lose is your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Having a gastric sleeve revision is like a second chance for you to lead a full, healthy life. Our team at True You will ensure that you have complete support throughout your weight loss journey until you achieve your desired weight.  

Revisión de Manga: Cómo funciona

gastric sleeve
stretched sleeve
revised sleeve
Endoscopic sleeve revision restores a stretched gastric sleeve to its original size, or smaller.

Why Choose True You for Gastric Sleeve Revision?

Pericia Endoscópica
La revisión de la manga endoscópica es una técnica avanzada que requiere un nivel muy alto de habilidad endoscópica. El Dr. Daniel Maselli y el Dr. Christopher McGowan se encuentran entre los pocos médicos en el país que tienen triple certificación en medicina interna, gastroenterología y medicina de la obesidad, y son líderes en el área de la endobariatria. Juntos, han realizado más revisiones de mangas endoscópicas que cualquier otro médico en el país, asegurando que recibirá la mejor atención y resultados absolutos. Y como paciente de True You, recibirá un programa integral de atención posterior, y su equipo de pérdida de peso de True You lo apoyará en su viaje.
La atención posterior más completa del país
Entendemos la importancia de la atención posterior y el apoyo, especialmente al emprender una segunda oportunidad para un usted más saludable. Es por eso que nos enorgullece ofrecer el programa de atención posterior más completo del país, diseñado para satisfacer sus necesidades. Con nuestro equipo médico experto, dietistas registrados y entrenadores de salud certificados, recibirá un apoyo y orientación incomparables durante todo su viaje de pérdida de peso. Estamos aquí para usted en cada paso del camino.
Acceso las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana al Médico
Ya sea que viva en Carolina del Norte o Georgia, o esté viajando desde otro estado, recibirá el más alto nivel de atención de conserje, con acceso directo las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana a su médico a través de su teléfono celular personal, mensajes de texto, correo electrónico y videoconferencia. Permanecemos comprometidos con su éxito durante todo su viaje de pérdida de peso.
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Many of our patients simply don’t want surgery. At the same time, they feel hopeless because the lifestyle modifications of diet and exercise simply aren’t effective. True You provides solutions when you feel as though you’re out of options. While the gastric bypass revision procedure is not covered by insurance, we offer several opciones de financiamiento.
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Gastric Sleeve Revision FAQs

What is gastric sleeve revision?

Gastric sleeve revision is a non-invasive technique used to restore a gastric sleeve to its original or smaller size. Sleeve gastrectomy is currently the most common bariatric surgery performed worldwide. It involves stapling and removing 80% of the stomach, leaving a narrow, banana-shaped stomach, or sleeve.

However, beginning several years after sleeve gastrectomy, the sleeve can begin to stretch. The result is greater capacity, the ability to eat more food, and weight regain. With gastric sleeve revision, we can tighten a stretched sleeve from the inside, using endoscopically placed sutures, reducing its size and restoring restriction and fullness. This procedure is closely related to the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG).

Who is eligible for gastric sleeve revision?

Gastric sleeve revision is designed for patients who have had a surgical sleeve gastrectomy and initially lost weight, but are now experiencing weight regain and a reduced feeling of fullness during meals.

The single most important gastric sleeve revision requirement is that the weight gain must be caused by the enlargement of the gastric sleeve after sleeve gastrectomy. When the gastric sleeve becomes stretched a few years after a sleeve gastrectomy, patients tend to eat more food with larger portion sizes, which eventually causes weight regain. Gastric sleeve revision helps such patients to achieve a healthy body weight and better health.

Who is not eligible for gastric sleeve revision?

Gastric sleeve revision is only for those who have had a prior laparoscopic or open-sleeve gastrectomy. If you have regained weight for reasons other than dilation of your sleeve, you may not be a candidate.

If you have ulcers or complications from your surgery, you may not be a candidate. If you are an active smoker, you are not eligible for gastric sleeve revision. This procedure is not typically approved for patients under 21 years of age.

How does gastric sleeve revision differ from a surgical revision?

There are few surgical options available to correct an enlarged gastric sleeve. A surgeon could “re-do” the sleeve in an attempt to make it smaller, though this carries significant risk (complication rate can be as high as 30%). Alternatively, a surgeon can convert or add a bypass to a sleeve gastrectomy with a more drastic surgery known as the duodenal switch. This carries additional risk and potential for long-term complications.

In contrast, gastric sleeve revision is performed entirely through the mouth, with a suturing system (Overstitch) mounted to the end of an endoscope. The procedure is brief and safe, with a risk of complication of 1% or less. Undergoing an endoscopic gastric sleeve revision does not typically prevent a patient from undergoing bypass in the future if desired.

Because gastric sleeve revision is performed without incisions, the procedure is same-day, and the recovery time is very minimal. Most patients return to their normal activities within two to three days.

How long does the procedure take?

The gastric sleeve revision is performed in an outpatient setting and takes less than one hour. You are sedated during the procedure. After the procedure, you will wake up, and recover, then you will be discharged home or to a nearby hotel.

What are the risks of the gastric sleeve revision procedure?

Most patients will experience abdominal discomfort, mild nausea, chest pressure, and stomach spasms. These symptoms are generally minor and resolve within one to two days. The risk of major complications, such as infection, bleeding, or stomach injury, is less than 1%.

How much weight will I lose after gastric sleeve revision?

Most patients will lose an average of 15% to 20% of their total body weight after a gastric sleeve revision. While most patients will lose less weight than they did after the original gastric sleeve surgery, it will allow patients to get back on track and enjoy a second chance at success with their gastric sleeve. While individual results may vary, adhering to a structured diet and exercise regimen will increase the likelihood of long-term success.

How do I keep the weight off after gastric sleeve revision?

Patients are urged to adopt or return to healthy eating habits after undergoing this procedure. Eating slowly and avoiding overeating is key to long-term success. Our True You registered dietitians will support you before and after your procedure – providing education, nutritional guidance, and encouragement.

How much does a gastric sleeve revision cost?

Our package for the gastric sleeve revision costs $11,995. This includes the pre-procedural physician and nutritional consultation, pre-procedural lab tests, the revision procedure (including anesthesia, the facility, and the physician fees), medical follow-ups, post-procedural nurse visits, and 12 months of personalized nutrition counseling.

Does insurance cover gastric sleeve revision costs?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover gastric sleeve revision costs. However, we have several financing options. Our financing plans can be as low as $217/month, but this also depends on individual credit history. You can learn more about our financing options here:

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